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Black Cultures And Subcultures Within The United States

The Unites States is a true melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. For many members of minority groups a certain hybridity is readily adopted, but for others, cultural assimilation can be quite difficult. Chicana author, Sandra Cisneros described this phenomenon as â€Å"always straddling two countries†¦ but not belonging to either culture† (Doyle. 54). African American author, Alice Walker shared Cisneros’ sentiment, but focused her attention on the assimilation of black cultures and subcultures within the United States. Cisneros and Walker make the same poignant statement about the strains of cultural assimilation, with reconciliation of split identities as the goal, in their respective works, 1991’s â€Å"Woman Hollering Creek,† and 1973’s â€Å"Everyday Use,† yet their unique ethnic perspectives allow them to make it in surprisingly different ways. Cisneros’ family bounced back and forth between Mexico and the United States for most of her youth, which led to firsthand experience in the difficulties of growing up as a multicultural person (Doyle. 54-55). As an adult, she settled in San Antonio, Texas, but that feeling of not belonging to either culture never left her. She drew on this feeling as inspiration for many works, including â€Å"Woman Hollering Creek,† a short story about a Mexican woman, named Cleofilas, brought to live in the United States by her new husband. She is excited to leave her lazy brothers and old-fashioned father behind, and dreams of the endless possibilities thatShow MoreRelatedSubculture of Hip Hop: a Sociological Analysis Essay1471 Words   |  6 PagesIt all started with the birth of a nation. The shameful crimes that build this country rest on the backs of an enslaved people, yesterday in chains and with laws and today behind bars and within socialization. The tale is as old as our t ime.    The first slaves were brought to the Virginia Colony in the early 1600s. they were simply indentured servant whom would be released after working an agreed number of years. They came to America on a voluntary basis. Soon after, that model of slavery was replacesRead MoreSubcultures and Subcultural Marketing1424 Words   |  6 PagesSubcultures and Subcultural Marketing Introduction We are brought up to follow the beliefs, values, and customs of our society and to avoid behavior that is judged â€Å"unacceptable† or considered to be taboo. In addition to segmenting in terms of cultural factors, marketers also segment overall societies into smaller subgroups or subcultures that consist of people who are similar in terms of their ethnic origin, their customs, and the ways they behave. These subcultures provide important marketingRead MoreA Sociological Perspective On Homosexuality882 Words   |  4 Pages From the acquisition of blacks right to vote to the women’s rights movement our society is slowly progressing to a state of equality. One demographic that has been in the news lately is the homosexual community seeking rights to legally marry. A multitude of sociological concepts can be applied to topic of homosexuality in America. Topics ranging from the Functionalist theory to Marxism and ethnocentrism to subculture can all provide insight to the homosexual culture in America. One of the mainRead MoreThe Final Project : Being Black Essay1674 Words   |  7 Pages The Final Project: Being Black in America Alethea F. Brock Thomas Edison State College Abstract The course of African American’s history has been tumultuous over the last 400 years. America has become more diverse and while black Americans are still a minority, they are no longer the largest minority. This population shift has brought its own myriad of obstacles and while a minority, African Americans have had a much different path than immigrants that came later from South and Central AmericaRead MoreHip Hop: The Method of Expression1099 Words   |  5 PagesFrom the impoverished section of Bronx, New York arose a youth culture that spread throughout the community like wild fire. Within the gang-ridden, drug-infested streets, a depravation of creativity forced underprivileged African American youths onto the streets in search of an output for their imagination. It was within these streets that hip-hop appeared as the product of independence, self-realization, creativity, and pride. Hip-hop began between the transformations from the late 1960’s toRead MoreAn Alternative View On Punk Visual Language1308 Words   |  6 Pagesstyles and misaligns words for visual effect, presenting them diagonally or even upside down. Blunt information and strong opinions are rife in the fanzine rather than unbiased reviews, the author does not hold back with personal thoughts and simply states things as they are perceived by himself. Example Six ‘Rocket to Russia’ by the Buzzcocks is one of the Ramones’ most famous albums. The cover art for this was created in 1977 with the front depicting a photograph of the band members standing againstRead MoreVisual Kei : A New Subculture1691 Words   |  7 Pagesof the longest lasting subcultures within Tokyo, however, a new subculture trend is visually striking in a far opposite way. It s called Yamanba and it has people at a loss for words. Most are conflicted as to whether this subculture is attractive or a joke. Yamanba dress features vibrantly colored ultra feminine clothing, long teased colored hair with extensions, and bizarre face makeup that will make anyone take a second look. Yamanba is virtually a female only subculture that emerged from theRead MoreThe Lesbian Experience Of The Early And Mid Twentieth Century Essay1746 Words   |  7 PagesThe Lesbian experience in the early and mid-twentieth century seemed to be more obscured than the queer male subcu ltures. For many lesbians of the early and mid-twentieth century, to live as a queer woman and to still maintain social respectability meant that lesbians often had to live in the closet. I believe that that lesbian subculture was unknown and ignored because it was impossible for women to claim their identity as a lesbian; they were frequently viewed from the outside as sick, confusedRead MoreThe Latino/Hispanic Class Is The Only Racial Grouping Calculated1128 Words   |  5 Pagescalculated individually by the United States Census. According to the U.S. Census, a Latino/Hispanic individual can be of several nationalities. There is an extreme amount of variables in the cultural class, which may puzzle some individuals on what is considered to be a Hispanic person or something different. The census classification of Hispanic became approved about the late 20th century. The term has produced a lot of misunderstanding. In the 40s, Head of state Roosevelt made a contract in whichRead M oreThe Cultural Identity Of The African American Community1653 Words   |  7 PagesThe African American community has sat at the end of a discriminatory lens from the moment they set foot in the United States. For that reason, black communities have undergone the process of community building to ensure that all members feel a sense of belonging. Race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, poverty, and sexual orientation, all play a role in developing one’s identity and more often than not, these multiple identities intersect with blackness. Being that American society has deemed colored

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