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The Budget Is The Most Important Policy Tool Of Government

The budget is the most important policy tool of government, affecting the ability to implement any given policy successfully. As such, a budget is more than the sum of its balance sheets; it is a statement on the social and economic priorities of a government. Although budgets are perceived to be gender-neutral, they are in reality gender-blind . To address the differential impact of government expenditures and revenue on men and women, gender responsive budgeting (GRB) has developed as a strategy to promote gender equality and create accountability for governments to uphold their national policy commitments to women. Since the mid-1980s, UN Women has worked with a few dozen countries to adopt some form of gender responsive budgeting, and with varying success of impact on gender outcomes and on resource distribution. Understanding which factors increase the likelihood that GRB will have a positive impact is necessary in order for countries to implement best practices. Evidence from country based case studies identifies several factors which enable positive outcomes from GRB. Unsurprisingly, a key factor that is shown to play a vital in the effectiveness of GRB is supporting women s participation in planning and budgeting. A gender perspective needs to be built into each stage of budget development, or else concerns for women risk being overlooked. As women are the greatest proponents of gender equality and women’s empowerment, effective gender-mainstreaming requiresShow MoreRelatedThe Land Banking Policy On The Countys Planned Programming Budget Systems1442 Words   |  6 PagesThe Land Banking policy contributes heavily to the County s Planned-Programming Budget Systems. (PPBS), a type of budgeting that stresses the use of analytical techniques to improve policy-making. the format that comes closest to rational budget decision-making. The PPBS takes organizational goals and break them down into specific objectives and group similar activities into programs that relate to each other. An example is the protection of persons and property. Other policy recommendationsRead MoreThe U.S. Free-Enterprise Economy Essay801 Words   |  4 Pageswithout government involved. In free-enterprise economies, goods and services are traded openly and are produced depending on the demand. People who support this type of economy believe it motivates businesses to make money and welcome new ideas. An important part of the economy is to have full employment and low inflation. Keynesianism and monetarism are both ways to stabilize the economy and promote growth when need. In keynesianism, government uses fiscal policy which is a list of policies thatRead MoreSecurity Standards And Security Safety Standards812 Words   |  4 PagesGovernment Security Standards The government and organizations are to comply with security laws and regulations in order to fully operate and maintain protection of information systems. Some of these security laws and regulations may vary for every industry and with some organizations; however, implementing security standards with a broad in scope provides reliable reasonable security. In many cases reasonable security implemented throughout the information system can include a high-level of protectionRead MoreFiscal Year 2012 Essay766 Words   |  4 PagesIn 2011, the House of Representatives clashed with President Barack Obama over the federal budget for Fiscal Year 2012. While Obama opted for a budget that reduced deficits through careful spending cuts and increased tax revenue, House Republicans Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan, along with eighty-seven new House Republicans, hoped to pass a budget that was more fiscally conservative. Ryan’s budget plan, The Path to Prosperity, cut $6 trillion in spending b y repealing Obamacare and aided the wealthy byRead MoreEmployment Relationship Termination Legislation Essay1097 Words   |  5 Pagesnotice or even without one. Privacy management tools help organizations conduct privacy impact assessments, check processing activities against requirements from privacy regulations, and track incidents that lead to unauthorized disclosures (investigation, remediation and reporting). They analyze and document data flows of personal information (nature of data, purpose of processing, data controller), support authoring and distribution of privacy policies (for which they provide templates), and trackRead MoreBangladesh Government Budget Deficit1371 Words   |  6 PagesFiscal Policy   generally refers to the use of taxation and government expenditure to regulate the aggregate level of economic activity in a country. Fiscal policy in Bangladesh basically comprises activities, which the country carries out to obtain and use resources to provide servi ces while ensuring optimum efficiency of the economic units. The policy influences the behaviour of economic forces through public finance. Major objectives of the fiscal policy of Bangladesh are to ensure macroeconomicRead MoreDiscuss the Ways in Which the Government May Use Fiscal Policy to Help the Economy Grow Out of a Recession1076 Words   |  5 Pages‘Discuss the ways in which the government may use Fiscal policy to help the economy grow out of a recession. Reference must be made to some policies that the current government has actually use’ Fiscal policy involves the use of government spending, taxation and borrowing to affect the level and growth of aggregate demand, output and jobs. Fiscal policy is also used to change the pattern of spending on goods and services. It is also a means by which a redistribution of income amp; wealth can beRead MoreEconomics : How Macroeconomics Changed The World1420 Words   |  6 Pagesdescent, developed the topic further. Kuznets particularly focused on statistical research to prove various economic fluctuations that were apparent in his time period. In the modern sense, macroeconomics comes into being with Keynes as well the important depression that occurs in 1929. There were various causes for this depression. The United States of America had become a major creditor at the time. The banks had bad structuring and no means of functioning efficiently, and monopolies were beingRead MoreHealthcare Financing : Health Care Financing Essay1622 Words   |  7 PagesHealth Care Financing Over the past decades, policy makers have been inundated with the challenge of how to raise revenue for the health sector and how to allocate such resources in an equitable and efficient manner; with the developing countries having a major concern of sourcing and maintaining healthcare expenditure. [7] Allocation of sufficient resources to the health sector has been a mirage to various nations and this has necessitated the need to search for various avenues for healthcare financingRead MoreEconomic Development Of A Country1027 Words   |  5 Pagesmany more, but the most important characteristic is the economic activity of a country, therefore it should be promoted over any type of characteristics. Fiscal policy is a very important part of the economic. Its foundation were laid after the great depression of 1929. Fiscal policy can be defined as action by which the leaders of a country regulate their spending level and tax rates in order to control and influence the economy of the country. The national goal of the government is to increase the

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