Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Agile Software Development Process Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Agile Software Development Process - Coursework Example The paper will explain how the agile development process works based on stand-up meetings, product, and sprint backlogs as well as project charter. In addition, scenarios will be utilized to give examples of techniques such as class diagrams, activity diagrams, and stakeholders. The manifesto for agile software development also known as agile manifesto is a formal proclamation of twelve principles and four key values to help guide people-centric approach and iterative approach to the development of software. Agile software development targets delivery of functional bits of application, keeping codes simple and testing often applications when they are ready. The software was created as an alternative to heavyweight and document-driven software development processes that includes the waterfall approach. The 4 core values of the agile software development emphasize on various issues that include; individuals and interactions over tools and processes, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, working software over comprehensive documentation as well as responding to change over following a plan (Aoyama, 2010). The 12 principles that have been laid down by the agile manifesto have been adapted for managing IT related projects and variety of businesses including business intelligence. They include; customer satisfaction through continuous and early delivery of valuable work, breakdown of big work into smaller components that can be tackled easily, recognising that teams that are self-organized are able to perform work better, providing of motivated individual with support and environment they need and offer them trust to get the job done (Carroll, 2012).

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