Thursday, February 27, 2020

World Cup Airports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

World Cup Airports - Essay Example Causes for this lopsided preference and the remedial steps to be taken need to receive attention. The next major issue is that of Aviation safety. Air Traffic Controllers constantly worry about the inadequacy of the equipment at their disposal for detecting incoming Aircraft, process their requests for landing in the most suitable manner and thus ensure the safety of the passengers. This brief paper looks at the efforts of the authorities in addressing both these concerns. There are many more issues, but owing to paucity of time and space, only these two are addressed here. The advances made in determining traffic volume that can be reallocated to other hubs, development of infrastructure to facilitate such change and the option of PPP model for this are examined here. The recent advances in ATC equipment and their expected impact on the Civil Aviation scene are discussed detail too. The turn of the Millennium is an appropriate time to think ahead, of the future, drawing on past experiences and current realities. No one can predict for sure the trends and forces that might emerge in the future. It for sure can be said that the rate of growth of aviation industry will be radically changed. That will be an awesome pace, considering the fact that the industry, one of the youngest of all, is barely a century old. Any consideration of the type of Aircraft of the future will ipso facto involve the consideration of the issues that that will be faced by Airports that will handle those craft, (Fife, 1998). The present paper attempts to examine the current issues that the aviation sector has identified in the areas of design and construction of airports. It is obvious that Airports considering the trends, the Airports will need to incorporate flexibility to adapt to rapid changes in technology and politico-economic factors which impact each other and the Airports’ functions. Invariably, every list of issues faced by Airports has Capacity and Delay as the

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